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Birnie Homesafe which is the residential division of Birnie Electric has been providing safe and reliable electrical installation in homes since 1967.
Our electricians are licensed, bonded and we provide Electrical Safety Inspection Certificates for all our work. Furthermore, we are meticulous with our
electrical installations and deservedly the reason why we have won praise from our customers for the electrical installations we have done throughout the GTA.

So if you your renovating your home, need some lights inside or out, outlets, switches, upgrading your electrical panel or service or worried about the existing
condition of your homes electrical system and need it inspected then you have come to the right place. As the President of Birnie Homesafe I will guarantee
you will be happy with your choice to use us, and I promise you will get a fair price, a quality installation by our reliable and friendly residential electricians.

I thank you again for visiting Birnie homesafe. If you feel you have found the right company to do your electrical work please take a few moments to answer the questions on this page and we will help you get started.

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