Do you know if your home
is electrically safe?

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Do you know if your home is electrically safe?

Let us check for you!

Book here to request an Homesafe Electrical Risk Assessment to make sure your home is electrically safe.

electrical panel inspection

Electrical Inspection

Identifying the potential dangers lurking behind your walls.

emergency generator

Standby Generators

Be ready—no matter what mother nature brings.

electric vehicle charging

EV Charging Stations

You do the driving and we'll take care of the wiring.

surge protector installation

Smart Homes

Our custom-made solutions ensure we can help make your life easier.

electrical panel

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Today's technology can easily overload your aged system.

old knob and tube wiring

Knob & Tube Wiring

Know the dangers of knob & tube wiring and how we can help.

burnt-out duplex plugs

Aluminum Wiring

Reduce the risk of fire by switching to copper.

HomeSAFE offers full service, licensed, and insured electricians who are capable of handling all your residential electrical needs, such as:

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Electrical Service, Repairs, and Maintenance

From tripped breakers in your home to maintenance in your warehouse … we offer complete electrical services and assessments.

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New Construction and Renovations

From kitchen renovations to complete rewires to custom homes and everything in between … we provide complete residential electrical solutions.

What People are Saying About Us

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Mary Kitchen

I had heard about BIRNIE HomeSAFE for the last few years on the Frank Cohn Show (9 am, every Saturday on CFRB). I realized that my 1941 house, with its knob and tube wiring, needed to be updated. I made inquiries and was approved for an inspection. Terry came to do the safety inspection. [...] Continue Reading

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Linda Sanguigni

I just wanted to inform Birnie Electric that your technician, Shane, who came to our condo this week to fix our under cabinet lights is a very skilled and knowledgeable technician. He found the solution to fix our lights, without replacing them all. I was very impressed and he was very polite and professional. I [...] Continue Reading

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Herbert Lange

When Herbert L. saw a BIRNIE HomeSAFE advertisement asking – – he started thinking. "I always thought my home was safe, but when I saw that I was wondering," says Herbert, who along with his wife has been living in their 63-year-old Oakville home since 1980. [...] Continue Reading

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Janet L

Janet L. refers to her BIRNIE HomeSAFE ERA (Electrical Risk Assessment) inspection as “a real blessing.” She and her sisters, Joan and Gail, had been living in their 1950s-era Hamilton home for 15 years when they signed up for the inspection. They knew there were issues – a previous small fire in a hallway [...] Continue Reading

Learn about Electrical Risk Assessment

Is Your Home Electrically Safe?

"We know from our Electrical Risk Assessment inspections that many homes are at risk of electrical fires."

Be safe and let Birnie HomeSAFE check your home for you.

- Tim Birnie, President of BIRNIE HomeSAFE.


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Seminars, Group Presentations, and Training

Request an electrical safety presentation or training for your organization.

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