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You have landed on our site because you are researching or looking for an electrical company who can help you with Knob and Tube or Aluminum wiring replacement or repair in your home or building.

Birnie Homesafe which is the residential division of Birnie Electric has been providing
safe and reliable electrical Knob and Tube and aluminum wiring replacement and repair in homes and multi unit complex’s for many years. Our electricians are licensed, bonded and we provide Electrical Safety Inspection Certificates for all the work we do. Furthermore, we are meticulous with our electrical work and deservedly the reason why we have won praise from our customers for our dedicated electrical work we have done throughout the GTA.

Knob and Tube wiring replacement or fixing aluminum wiring is tricky, you need expert who have done this before and it cant be left to the inexperienced. Fortunately, Birnie Homesafe has done this many times before. We will help you devise a plan and schedule where your tenants can stay in the building while the knob and tube or aluminum wiring is being relpaced. Your tenants are happy and the rent keeps flowing in. So, if your insurance company just informed your that they will not insure you any longer because you have knob and tube in your building or your aluminum wiring is unreliable and there is a potential for fire then you have come to the right place. As the President of Birnie Homesafe I will guarantee you will be happy with your choice to use us, and I promise you will get a fair price, a quality installation by our reliable and friendly residential electricians to solve your Knob and Tube and Aluminum wiring problems.

I thank you again for visiting Birnie Homesafe. If you feel you have found the right company to do your knob and tube and Aluminum wiring work, please take a few moments to answer the questions on this page and we will help you get started.

Sincerely, Tim Birnie, President, Birnie Homesafe

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