Do you know if your home
is electrically safe?

smart home automation

Smart Homes

Our custom made solutions ensure we can help make your life easier!

electrical breaker box

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Today's technology can easily overload your aged system.

electrical outlet and plug

Dedicated Circuits

Get dedicated power to each of your appliances.

broken duplex receptacles

Aluminum Wire Repairs

Reduce the risk of fire by switching to copper.

surge protection installation

Surge Protection

Protect your expensive electronics.

construction house framing

Construction Projects

We are fully capable of providing all you need for your next project.

LED lights

LED Upgrades

LED's cut your costs of lighting significantly.

knob and tube wiring

Knob & Tube Removal

Know the dangers of knob & tube wiring and how we can help.

smoke alarm

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms save lives and we make sure they're working.