Do you know if your home
is electrically safe?

April 15, 2021

Peace of mind for your family

It’s like an MRI for your home

Locking the doors to your home is no guarantee of safety from dangers that may be hiding within its walls.

This may sound like a horror movie trailer but it’s really a cautionary tale about electrical safety and how to prevent preventable, potentially catastrophic, residential fires. Statistics show that faulty electrical wiring is a major cause of house fires.

Tim Birnie, president of Birnie Electric Ltd., is committed to revealing those dangers and making homes safe through his company’s Home Safe program. Tim’s father Peter Birnie established
the company more than 53 years ago. The expansion into the residential market was sparked by a desire to eliminate fire risks in homes.

Since initiating the Home Safe service 10 years ago, Tim says; “It’s been my passion. I find it so satisfying that we can give people peace-of-mind and eliminate these dangers.”

Tim and his team have developed an innovative inspection that utilizes state-of-the-art and non-invasive equipment like circuit analyzers, infrared thermography and other diagnostic tools to find electrical hazards that could cause a fire.

Warning signs that an assessment is urgently needed include outlets or switches that don’t work, are warm to the touch or emit a burning smell. You’ve also got electrical problems if breakers trip or fuses blow, lights dim or bulbs burn out. Homes with aluminum or knob-and-tube wiring should also be inspected for potential risks.

The Birnie Home Safe Program has three steps starting with a no-cost home assessment. An expert will assess the home, listen to the homeowner’s concerns and point out potential issues. The next step is the electrical risk assessment that involves a full day of non-invasive testing by a fully licensed and highly trained electrician to uncover hazards. Homeowners receive a report that includes recommended electrical updates. The third step is to repair the problems identified and make the home’s electrical system safe. Home Safe also offers standby emergency home generators as a Generac dealer and provides innovative smart devices and LED lighting solutions.

Tim and his Home Safe team have presented numerous seminars that feature special guests including fire department representatives and other home safety experts. In line with the company’s rigorous COVID-19 safety protocols, the free seminars are now offered online. Pre-register at the Home Safe website: for the next seminar on Wednesday, April 14 at 7:00pm.